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Pantry Door Ideas To Maximize Your Kitchen’s Potential

Pantry door ideas aren’t at the top of the kitchen renovation list. However, kitchen pantries receive sustentation considering they’re practical. The doors protect the inside space that holds your dry goods and perishables while providing an element of style for your kitchen space.

Pantry Door

A pantry door helps with your kitchen organizing system. With the value of time you spend in your kitchen, you want the weightier pantry style for your home. Here, we’ll show you pantry door ideas to inspire your next kitchen renovation. 

Pantry doors and pocket doors are functional. The doors requite your home a trendy feel. If you’re spending time thinking well-nigh installing a new pantry door, determine which direction it should swing open.

Next, what do you want it to squint like, and see if the door is necessary. 

Pantry Room Storage Tips

Kitchen Pantry Door

A pantry is a practical home addition. It’s important to start with a good diamond to make the most of your pantry.

Pantry Storage Items

This is useful if you’re planning to build a new pantry or if you want to redesign an existing one. It helps you determine what types of interior storage you should prioritize based on your habits and needs.


If you once have a pantry, examine whether it has the weightier placement. You might discover that your current pantry is in an inconvenient spot.


A walk-in pantry doesn’t have to be big to be practical. You need unbearable room between storage areas to move virtually freely. If possible, include a walkway between 42’’ and 48’’ wide so two people can enter at the same time. 

Pantry shelves shouldn’t be too deep so that you can reach things at the very back. A depth of 14 inches is plenty and 16 inches is the maximum. The space between pantry shelves is often wasted, so leave room for large items. 


A poorly-lit pantry interior makes it nonflexible to find things. Also, it’s easier to alimony a well-lit pantry wipe and organized.

Contemporary Pantry Door Ideas For 2022

Here is our list of pantry doors that will compliment your home and kitchen design.

Frosted Glass Door

Create cohesion with a frosted glass door

A pantry door with glass is one thing, but one with frosted glass is another. With a frosted glass pantry door, the kitchen has visual interest when you segregate a glass pantry door with frosted glass. This glass style lets you see inside but blurs the details and hides the contents inside the pantry. Trammels out thriftydecorchick for increasingly inspiration.

Wooden Warehouse Doors

Make a statement with wooden warehouse doors

Barn doors make for enjoyable pantry doors, but it’s not well-nigh sliding doors that squint cool. The verisimilitude of warehouse doors captures a farmhouse vibe. The idea comes from designingvibes, where you can find increasingly details well-nigh this pantry door style. 

Screen Door

Keep it traditional with a screen door

Another option is a screen door. Make one from scratch or repurpose an existing door. The screen element in this version by domesticimperfection only takes up half of the door, making it sturdy. 

Statement Details

DIY vintage pantry door

A small pantry door needs a special diamond to stand out. This reversion example can be a focal element of a modern kitchen. Trammels out the details at slightlycoastal.

Space-Saving Sliding Door

Pantry warehouse doors

Sliding warehouse doors are gorgeous and well-suited as pantry doors. They help save space and are easy to build. The forward sliding mechanism is a nice kitchen element. Paint the door a fun verisimilitude to add weft to your home.

Pantry Door Spice Rack

DIY pantry door storage shelves

Attaching shelves inside your pantry door creates increasingly storage space. You can build a small unit with shallow shelves deep unbearable to hold your spices, for example. Details for this project are on shanty-2-chic.

Kitchen Makeover

Wood painted pantry door

You can have your favorite pantry door without ownership or towers a new one. Instead, try giving your existing simple pantry door a style makeover. To learn increasingly well-nigh wood-planked pantry doors like this one at thewoodgraincottage.

Dutch Doors

Farmhouse Pantry Door DIY with Storage

Another tomfool idea on our list is from littleslifeandlaughter. Farmhouse-style pantry doors squint unconfined on the outside. However, this Dutch door opens at the top or the marrow half independently. 

Include Blackboard

Chalkboard Pantry Door Revamp

Make pantry doors stand out in your kitchen with eye-catching and practical painted blackboards. They are handy for writing notes to family members or making a grocery list. On craft-o-maniac, you’ll get details well-nigh creating one.

Attachments And Accessories

Pantry door storage box DIY

Maximize the storage topics of your kitchen pantry by installing shelves on the interior of the pantry door. The shelves help with storage like spices, small jars, or utensils. We found the details at robbygurlscreations.

Apply Fresh Paint


Add trendy style to your pantry by painting the door a variegated color. Try using a unique paint color, like a matte effect or an interesting color. Chalkboard paint is a fun option. Trammels out brightgreendoor to see how to do this.

Decorative Glass Panels

Leaded Glass French Door

If your pantry door has glass panels, jazz them up with crystals and tape. First, though, trammels out this post from redheadcandecorate to see how easy it is. Just use stickers to create a simple X-shaped pattern on each glass panel and add a crystal where the lines cross.

Half Glass Pantry Door

DIY Farmhouse Door with Glass for Pantry

An old reclaimed cottage door is unconfined for a pantry. Wipe and repair it if needed but try to preserve its original squint and weathered aesthetic. This gives it weft and authenticity and the glass lets in light. Trammels out rafterhouse to see how to create this experience.

Double Sliding Warehouse Doors

Consider double sliding warehouse doors

Since pantry shelves don’t need to be thick, you could install a door on empty wall. With wood sliding warehouse doors, select a lighter verisimilitude to create a trendy farmhouse interior.  You can see increasingly inspiration on oldsaltfarm.


Pantry Doors Complete

Regardless of what type of door you install, subtracting a decorative pattern and paint can transpiration its aesthetic. You can do this at any stage of the project. We like this geometric pattern featured on prettyinthepines.

Solid Wood Doors

Rustic Wood Sliding Door

Solid wood has a unique recreate and is an elegant nomination that’s moreover strong and durable. Numerous styles and varieties of wood are good for a pantry cover. Trammels out the selection at rivervalleywoodworks to see some of the options.

Glass Warehouse Door 

DIY Farmhouse Door with Glass for Pantry

This style is well-suited for pantry doors, particularly if you want a increasingly traditional or farmhouse effect. Towers a simple pantry door like this from scratch is not as difficult as you might think. The video tutorial by Pahjo Designs guides you through the unshortened process.

Door Upgrade

66 Custom Door Anyone Can Do

To save money, upgrade your existing pantry door. Basic unappetizing interior doors can be transformed using only some plywood or trim and paint. Watch this video by EvanAndKatelyn for a few tips.

Add Visuals

DIY Pantry Door HomeMade for 17

Applying a decal or a stencil to the pantry door is an easy, fun way to add a decorative visual element. This diamond idea from HomeSteadHow is inspirational and works weightier with a glass door.

Curtain Option


Instead of a pantry pocket door, try a curtain. It’s cheaper and easy to install. Sometimes it’s largest to hang a curtain than add a small door. Curtains are moreover cheaper and you can make them and hang them yourself. Get all the details on jennasuedesign.

Organizational Board

DIY Magnetic Organizational Workbench from a Thrifted Frame

Most kitchens don’t have much self-ruling space so creating a pantry door that’s multi-functional is ideal. You can hang an organizational workbench or a memo workbench in a frame on the interior of the pantry door. An over the door pantry organizer helps alimony your supplies inventory up to date. Trammels out thehouseofsmiths to see how it’s done.

Arched Pantry Door

Mediterranean kitchen pantry remodel in Phoenix

For an elegant and refined pantry door, try an protuberant door. This type of door can be a tomfool way to add uneaten flair to the kitchen. Matthew Thomas Architecture directed this remodeling project with protuberant trim.

Paint Sliding Warehouse Doors

Sliding Warehouse Doors and Sliding Warehouse Door Shutters Sunburst

Sliding warehouse doors are practical for kitchens. Try painting interior doors in the same verisimilitude as the proximal walls to match a modern kitchen. Photo by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions Charlotte

Hidden Pantry Door 

Traditional kitchen pantry idea in Atlanta with glass front cabinets and woebegone cabinets

Disguise your door by making it squint like a cabinet. The kitchen pantry doors can match the verisimilitude of the rest of the cupboard doors as in this kitchen from Turan Designs.

Blended Pantry Doors

Example of a archetype light wood floor kitchen design

Here’s flipside specimen where the pantry is integrated into the kitchen diamond and disguised as part of the cabinetry. This pantry door uses the same trim and gives the kitchen a cohesive look. This particular kitchen diamond is by Curt Hofer & Associates.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What type of door is used for pantry?

While any type of door will work if space is tight segregate warehouse doors or a pocket door. These pantry doors don’t take up much room.

What size is a typical pantry door?

Pantry doors are 80 inches high, but the width can vary.  Average pantry doors are 24, 28, 30, 32, or 36 inches wide. Custom doors will be different.

Should my pantry have a door?

In most cases, you should have a pantry door. It helps hibernate an unorganized area, maximizes storage and keeps children and pets out.

How do you hibernate a pantry without a door?

If you can’t have a pantry door and leaving it unshut is not an option, try a curtain. These are unseemly to make and install. Folding screens or room dividers are moreover options for pantry door alternatives.

Are walk-in pantries a waste of space?

In general, they are a kitchen must-have. The one downside is that they do eat up a lot of space in your kitchen footprint.

How do you update pantry doors?

If you’re not replacing the interior pantry door, you can paint it variegated colors, reface it or remodel it to include glass panels, a screen or trim. You can moreover add decorative elements to make it stand out.

Pantry Door Conclusion

Pantry doors are a key part of kitchen design. Whether you buy a door or update an existing one, spend unbearable time thinking well-nigh what you want. The doors function as valuable kitchen elements. 

Make a list of what you like, including which verisimilitude your door should be. Your home deserves the best, so finger self-ruling to create the undercurrent that’s right for you.

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