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Kitchen Decor Ideas To Inspire an Enviable Remodel

Kitchen decor has so many components that there’s no shortage of ideas for the heart of your home. There are many things to plan and consider surpassing stuff happy with the way a kitchen looks.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

It’s often nonflexible to make decisions. Do you want a marble countertop or one made of wood? Or something else? Everything has to be in sync plane if you’re choosing to mix and match variegated styles, materials, finishes, or colors.

Brown Kitchen Diamond with Marble Accents Cabinets 150x150 Chelsea Harbour Aster Kitchen Pocket Doors 150x150 Must-Have Items for Kitchen Decor Ideas Christopher Peacock Motra Kitchen Diamond with marble countertop 150x150

Inspiration can come from anywhere so don’t rule out any kitchen decorating ideas.

In a rush? Jump to the most important kitchen decor headlines:

Wood Materials for Kitchen Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, the types of materials you use go a long way toward defining the stimulating and the unstipulated vibe.

Wood Materials for Kitchen Decor Ideas

Many variegated kinds of wood are used in cabinetry:

  • Red oak: Red oak is heavy and dumbo with an unshut wood grain. It’s often paired with light-colored granite countertops for a traditional look.
  • White oak: White oak originates in the eastern United States and southern Canada. This heavy wood has a stake worn-down color. 
  • Hard maple: Nonflexible maple cabinets are increasingly expensive than soft maple cabinets, but have much largest durability. It’s a smart nomination for the kitchen.
  • Hickory: The hardness of hickory can be difficult for woodworkers to manipulate, but it’s a popular nomination for kitchen cabinets anyway. It has a warm, rustic appearance.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood has a naturally deep, reddish hue that pairs well with modern kitchen designs. Cherry is one of the increasingly expensive luxury hardwoods, but still cheaper than exotic options like teak or mahogany.
  • Birch: Plane though birch is a medium-density hardwood, it is still a good option for kitchen cabinets since it is scratch-resistant.
  • Ash:  The surface of Ash is very smooth compared to other wood grains. It’s easy to clean, which makes it popular. Ash is light in coloring so paired it with modern fixtures to alimony it from looking dated.
  • Pine: Pine is a softwood that is moisture-resistant, making it a smart nomination for kitchens in humid environments. It’s moreover good for custom carpentry and millwork in cabinets.

Kitchen Countertop Types

There are several kinds of kitchen countertops you can use as a foundation for your kitchen. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Kitchen Countertop Types

Some are increasingly durable but expensive, while others are cheaper and easier to source, but may not last as long.

Here are some of the types of countertops you’ll encounter:

  • Laminate: Laminate is one of the cheapest types of countertop, but it moreover comes in a wide range of variegated verisimilitude and pattern options to fit many variegated residential styles. While affordable, laminate scratches hands and doesn’t hold up to wear and tear well compared to other materials.
  • Marble: Marble is one of the most expensive countertop materials, and is often found in luxury kitchens. It offers unique eyeful since all marble countertops are natural and squint one-of-a-kind.
  • Stone: Countertops come in several types of stone, including quartz and granite. These offer some of the stimulating benefits of marble at a fraction of the cost. Some stone countertops may be susceptible to scratches, however.

Decor Ideas for Counters

Your kitchen counters are one of the first things your houseguests will see, so make sure that they dazzle onlookers.

Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Counters

Decorating kitchen counters is well-nigh using unshut spaces and curating vocalizing pieces to make your counters squint decorated and not cluttered.

Follow these tips for a dazzling result:

  • Make decorations functional. Decorating with containers such as flour canisters and fruit bowls adds a personal element while subtracting storage. 
  • Keep scramble at bay: Alimony small appliances and traps off the countertops as much as possible. Use organizing tools to alimony your countertops well-spoken of miscellaneous items.
  • Organize counters into stations: Place decorative cleaning items virtually your kitchen sink for dish time. Alimony spices organized in one spot on your countertops.
  • Go with quality over quantity. It’s largest to decorate with a few well-chosen items than to overload your countertops with unseemly knick-knacks.

Decor Ideas to Accessorize Your Counter

When it comes to subtracting a personal touch to your kitchen counters, it comes lanugo to the traps you’re choosing.

Ideas to Accessorize Your Counter

Here are a few ways you can add unique accents to accessorize your kitchen counters:

  • Add some greenery. Cut flowers or a few pots of fresh herbs can freshen up any kitchen. Remember that greenery counts as a neutral in a verisimilitude palette.
  • Use trays and butcher blocks to group items. Grouping purely decorative items on a serving tray or butcher woodcut can help alimony decorative items from cluttering the countertop.
  • Keep it personal. Include your favorite cookbook or some family photos.

Exposed Beams kitchen decor ideas

Kitchen Decor Accents

As the heart of your home, you’ll want to make your kitchen a welcoming space. Subtracting the right decor can make your kitchen diamond squint refined.

Here are some tips for decorating your home kitchen once the vital elements are in place:

  • Consider setting up a coffee or tea station. A coffee station for morning beverages is platonic for bringing people together. Gather supplies such as tea tons or coffee tins together in a basket to exhibit them in an organized way.
  • Don’t forget the artwork. Artwork gives your kitchen a personal feel. It can moreover reinforce existing aesthetics.
  • Try a statement object as a focal point. It’s largest to reduce the number of decorations on your kitchen countertops. Segregate a single unusual statement piece to unrelatedness the spartan surfaces in the rest of the room.
  • Use vocalizing colors. Light-colored neutrals make a kitchen squint spacious and clean, but can tren toward boring. Spice things up with an vocalizing verisimilitude or two or a unexceptionable rug.

Must-Have Items for Kitchen Decor Ideas

Home decor will vary depending on your personality, but there are a few unstipulated items that just well-nigh everyone can use.

Must-Have Items for Kitchen Decor Ideas

Here are some of the must-have kitchen items you should consider including:

  • Cut flowers: A bouquet of cut flowers can hoist any interior, and the kitchen is no exception. Rotate in new cut flowers regularly to alimony the kitchen looking bright.
  • Lighting: Every kitchen needs good lighting. Be sure you have ambient light sources as well as task lights.
  • Cutting boards: Wearing boards come in a wide range of styles and materials. Since they lie unappetizing on the countertop, they can moreover help section off a space.

40 Kitchen Decor Ideas 

1. Espresso and White

Expresso and White Contrast
Colors and finishes are combined in a simple but elegant way

Espresso and white is a archetype combination of colors that looks equally good in rustic designs and modern kitchen setups. Trendy touches like unshut storage, a mirror, and industrial pendant lights add a glamorous vibe. The marble counter incorporates both colors and pulls the room together.

2. Glass Front Cabinets

Glass Front Cabinets kitchen decor ideas
Glass cabinet door inserts indulge a peak inside.

The Motra mishmash by Christopher Peacock is for traditional homes that want to squint wipe and a bit modern. It has iconic features such as glass-front cabinets, marble counters, and solid wood surfaces. Marble on the backsplash and countertops showcases its unique pattern and is platonic for cooking.

3. Ceiling-Mounted Shelves


Ceiling-mounted shelves indulge you to store increasingly pots and pans while moreover giving you a place to hold nice glassware. Segregate hardware for your ceiling-mounted shelves that match the hardware in the rest of the kitchen for a unified look.

4. Whilom Island Storage

Above Island Storage kitchen decor ideas
Use shelves whilom the island for storage

The weightier place for ceiling-mounted shelves in the kitchen is whilom the kitchen island. This location moreover helps the shelves remoter divide the kitchen’s functional sections, like the cooking space. Bar chairs withal the island add seating and a place for people to eat.

5. Glass or Snifter Rack

Glass or Snifter Rack kitchen decor ideas
Add a glass or snifter rack whilom the kitchen island.

A glass or snifter rack is flipside worldwide use for ceiling-mounted shelving. Placing your wine mishmash on the kitchen snifter rack is a fun way to show off the label art on your favorite brands. 

6. Marble Countertops


Marble countertops are an expensive upgrade, but they can be well worth the investment. These bring tons of probity to your kitchen’s value and can increase overall property value. 

7. Golden Accents

kitchen decor ideas with Golden Accents
The little details have a big impact.

While too much gold can squint garish, a touch of here and there can be the perfect vocalizing for a refined stimulating in your kitchen. Gold looks good with other decorating neutrals such as white marble and warm toned wood.

8. Industrial Features

Industrial Features
Modern kitchens pair with industrial features for a factory-like look

Industrial features are a worldwide motif in modern kitchens. They’re a good match for trendy architectural features like loft layouts and vaulted ceilings. Subtracting a fresh organic touch like a bouquet of flowers can alimony things from looking too harsh.

9. Raw Touchable and Smooth Finishes

Raw Touchable and Smooth Finishes
Play with contrasts and combine raw touchable surfaces with smooth and soft-hued finishes

Another thing you’ll see in trendy kitchens is a unrelatedness in textures. Raw unfinished touchable can squint foreboding slantingly the smooth finishes of hardwood and stainless steel. However, some good lighting and a svelte touch like this sprawling floral centerpiece, help textures underscore each other.

10. Wooden Countertops

Wooden countertops are flipside way to lighten up a grim industrial aesthetic.
Wooden countertops lighten up a grim industrial aesthetic.

Multicolored tones in the wood bring in pattern and texture, but the smooth finish mirrors the smooth textures elsewhere. Edison bulbs and a metallic backsplash add plane increasingly industrial appeal. The grayish undecorous cabinets add some spice.

11. Fitted Bar Stools

Fitted Bar Stools
Make sure barstools fit and squint nice in the context

It’s important to make sure your bar stools are fitted to the height of your countertops so that guests are well-appointed when they sit to eat or drink.

Most countertops are built to a standard height, but the height of your stools will moreover depend on the thickness of your countertop and how far it sticks out from the bar.

12. Contrasting Trendy Design

Contrasting Trendy Design
This trendy kitchen has a diamond based on contrasts and harmony

Contemporary diamond in kitchens doesn’t midpoint you have to decorate in stainless steel. This modern kitchen uses visionless wood cabinets to help soften the squint of the metallic backsplash. A handful of candleholders provide soft vocalizing lighting, plane while you’re cooking. 

13. Natural Wood Finish

Natural Wood Finish

Most wood finishes used in the kitchen have a slick finish, but this diamond leaves the wood of the lower cabinetry raw to show off the wood grain.

Keeping the other cabinet fronts plain helps yank the eye when to the natural wood finish and the metallic backsplash.

14. Beautiful Woebegone Marble Countertops


While white marble is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, woebegone marble can moreover be a dramatic choice. Paired with stainless steel and a natural wood finish, it’s very dramatic.

15. Rustic Wood Bar

Rustic Wood Bar
Solid wood countertops are mannerly but require increasingly maintenance.

For a rustic kitchen vibe, a thick butcher block-style wooden countertop makes a unconfined focal point. While a big unfinished wood slab looks sharp, these types of countertops have to be oiled and well maintained.

16. Combine Variegated Materials

Combine Variegated Materials
It’s fun to combine variegated materials and finishes.

Combining variegated materials in your kitchen is a smart way to interject style into without subtracting a tuft of knick-knacks to your countertops. Well-spoken surfaces with high-quality materials create a much largest impression with houseguests.

17. L-Shaped Bar

L-Shaped Bar
This bar has an L-shape.

A marble backsplash can squint elegant and you can match it with the counter or complement it with a wood countertop bar.

18. Meaty Unshut Kitchen


Compact kitchens can be a rencontre to diamond since they require a lot of functionality in a small space. You can make the most of a small kitchen by using unshut storage for tableware and keeping the floor plan as unshut as possible. Clearing out scramble moreover plays a big part in keeping the space tidy and useful.

19. Unshut Kitchen Shelves

kitchen decor ideas Unshut Shelves
These are unchangingly practical in the kitchen.

Open shelves squint weightier in a trendy kitchen where the items stored in plain sight are well-organized and minimal. Too many items on unshut shelves can make your kitchen squint like a grocery store display.

20. Built-in Appliances

Built-in Appliances
Built-in appliances make kitchen squint sleek and modern.

It takes a lot of planning to come up with the perfect storage configuration for your particular needs. You must moreover icon out how to integrate other smaller details that aren’t necessarily storage-related.

For instance, maybe you could opt for kitchen pocket doors. They’re very practical and sleek and they’re unconfined for small spaces.

21. Marble Vocalizing Decor Ideas

Marble Accents
Don’t use rich material like marble in excess.

Marble makes your kitchen squint upscale, but using too much can come off as gaudy. Instead, try to use marble in just a few places rather than as an unshortened countertop to bring a touch of matriculation without breaking the bank.

22. Kitchen Dining Table

Kitchen Dining Table
Instead of an island, opt for a dining table in the kitchen

Kitchen dining tables are an eye-catching centerpiece if you don’t have an island. The verisimilitude and finish of the table make a huge impact on the overall squint of the room. Choosing a wood grain or shade that complements the cabinetry is best. 

23. Task Lighting

Task Lighting
Use task lights to highlight key areas in the kitchen.

In kitchen remodels, it’s important to make sure you have towardly linds of lights so that people can perform tasks in the kitchen as well as see the decor. Task lighting is underneath the upper cabinets and helps illuminate the countertop space where you’re prepping and cooking.

24. Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers
Use dividers in drawers to alimony your utensils organized.

Be sure to include diamond features that make the kitchen increasingly functional and organized. Woebegone wooden drawer dividers provide a pop of unrelatedness versus the white cabinets and help alimony your flatware looking neat.

25. Visionless Walls

Dark Wall Colors with kitchen decor ideas
There’s no need to stave visionless colors in the kitchen.

Dark walls aren’t for every kitchen since they can make the space finger smaller than it unquestionably is. In fact, in larger kitchens, visionless wall colors can make it finger cozier and can add a dramatic pop of verisimilitude to neutral kitchen fixtures.

26. Jewel Tone Floors

Jewel Tone Floors
Add an unexpected touch of verisimilitude to the kitchen with colored floor tiles

This diamond nomination might not be for everyone since it’s very bold. However, this striking mauve tile floor really pops with the variety of other neutral materials in the room such as suntan crockery and visionless wooden cabinets. Of course, you could unchangingly try a unexceptionable rug.

27. Metallic Countertops

Metallic Countertops
The kitchen is a space where metallic colors integrate well.

If you’re decorating the kitchen with jewel tones, metallic fixtures such as this patina coppertop counter complement increasingly showy shades. At first glance, it looks like these two shades don’t match, but violet is unquestionably the opposite of yellow (gold) on the verisimilitude wheel. 

28. Woebegone Cabinets

Black Cabinets
Think of the kitchen as increasingly than just a purely functional space and requite it a bit of glamour

Black cabinets are an unconventional choice, but woebegone and metallic accents are a natural pair. This kitchen has random pops of jewel tones that unrelatedness with natural elements such as the bamboo steaming tray and light-colored walls.

29. Unique Verisimilitude Combinations

Unique Verisimilitude Combinations
This is an interesting mix of colors, materials, and finishes.

This eclectic mix of colors, materials, and finishes in this kitchen diamond gives it a raffish feel. When mixing multiple diamond elements together, alimony to a theme so they don’t squint too hodgepodge. Here, unexceptionable vocalizing colors are toned lanugo with metallics and visionless neutrals to pull things together.

30. Wine Cooler

kitchen decor ideas Wine Cooler
Give your kitchen uneaten features such as a wine cooler

Wine lovers will want an open-faced wine potation like this that allows you to hands organize and see what wines you have. This is largest than keeping your mishmash in a wine rack considering it’s a temperature-controlled space. It moreover keeps them tropical to where you are cooking.

31. Neutral Modern Design

Neutral Modern Diamond kitchen decor ideas
Neutrals are very versatile and adaptable.

Neutrals go well with a wide variety of kitchen styles, but they play expressly well with industrial appliances, metallic fixtures, and other diamond elements in a modern kitchen. Try subtracting some greenery such as a few potted herbs to help unravel up all the suntan and stainless steel.

32. Bar Extension

Bar Extension kitchen decor ideas
A foldable bar or table extension can make a kitchen island plane increasingly practical.

If you have a larger kitchen, a bar extension adds seating to the island. Subtracting a foldable bar extension allows you to put the bar yonder to make uneaten space for daily kitchen use. However, it still gives you the option to have chairs for uneaten guests when you need to.

33. Tomfool Gray Verisimilitude Palette

Cool Gray Verisimilitude Palette

For a trendy style, try pairing visionless woods with stark tomfool whites and medium to visionless grays. This worn-down palette makes the kitchen squint sleek and modern, expressly when paired with stainless steel fixtures. (via Sunny Side Up)

34. Exposed Beams

Exposed Beams kitchen decor ideas

If you want a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen, pair exposed wooden beams in the ceiling with copper pots and pans for charm. Wooden vocalizing pieces like the bar chairs and the wearing workbench soften the luxurious finger of marble countertops. (via One Kind Design)

35. White and Metallic Accents

White and Metallic Accents kitchen decor ideas

All-white kitchens are worldwide and stainless steel fixtures usually trailblaze all-white designs. Copper or gold fixtures are unexpected choices and repeating the material virtually the room helps emphasize the theme. (via Jennifer Maune)

36. Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes
Add a  big vase full of flowering branches.

For a modern finger in your kitchen, include accents that have a geometric pattern. These can be trendy pendant lights or glass panes in the upper cabinets. Emphasize these geometric patterns by choosing vocalizing pieces and furniture with hard, inorganic lines. (via Decor Aid)

37. Unexpected Pop of Red

Unexpected Pop of Red

Neutral verisimilitude palettes are unchangingly a good for a trendy kitchen, but run the risk of having a smooth feel. A dramatic accent, such as the red fridge in this kitchen, is a statement piece and a focal point that pops. (via Best Online Cabinets)

38. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves kitchen decor ideas

In a small kitchen, floating shelves are a useful way to make the most of the space you have by permitting for uneaten storage, framed by the cabinets. This type of shelving is not suited for heavier objects, but are a good option for artwork, knick-knacks, or photo frames. (via Decor Insider)

39. Balanced Island

Balanced Island kitchen decor ideas

The island is a primary diamond element in your decor considering it finance for much of the unappetizing surfaces. Place decor at each end of your island and stave piling decorations at one end, or it will squint haphazard or cluttered. (via My 100 Year Old Home)

40. Pot Rack

Pot Rack

Ceiling-mounted pot racks are flipside way to add storage to a meaty kitchen. It’s moreover a way to show off your weightier kitchenware.

If you have a mishmash of heirloom tint iron or copper pans, this is a fantastic way to exhibit them while moreover keeping them within easy reach. (via Architectural Digest)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Does It Forfeit to Remodel a Kitchen?

The forfeit of remodeling a kitchen can vary wildly depending on the telescopic of the remodel, the size of the kitchen and the materials used. Custom features such as custom cabinetry are increasingly expensive than pre-fabricated models. The stereotype forfeit of a kitchen remodel ranges between $12,000 and $35,000. 

How Long Do Kitchen Remodeling Projects Usually Take?

Most kitchen renovations only take six to eight weeks time to finish as long as the materials needed are readily available. Of course, the time it takes moreover depends on the complexity and telescopic of the remodel. 

How Do You Segregate Kitchen Decor Ideas to Match Your Diamond Aesthetic?

Choosing an stimulating for decorating your home kitchen is a personal choice. If you’re not sure what decor you want, there are some things to consider to icon out your kitchen aesthetic. What is the tracery of the home?

The diamond of your home can help inspire the interior too. With regard to materials, what do you like? Marble or wood are diamond elements you can siphon throughout your kitchen design. Including them in variegated parts of the kitchen can make the whole space finger unified.

What Features Forfeit the Most When Decorating a Kitchen?

The cabinetry, the countertops, and the flooring are the most expensive elements. These features have to be installed by professionals, so labor forfeit has to be widow to the material cost. The specific materials moreover stupefy the cost, such as marble vs. laminate countertops. The type of major appliances you segregate will moreover have a validness on the cost.

Does Remodeling Your Kitchen Increase Your Home Value?

Remodeling your kitchen can increase your home value, expressly if you update your kitchen to reflect a increasingly modern style or if you modernize the quality of the materials used.

Where Can You Get Supplies for Kitchen Decor Ideas Remodeling Projects?

Source supplies for kitchen remodeling projects from big box home resurgence stores or lumber/construction suppliers. Some cities moreover have zillion distributors of towers materials such as flooring or cabinetry where you can custom order materials for a kitchen remodeling project.

How Can You Use Kitchen Decor Ideas to Update Your Space Without Remodeling?

You can transpiration up the squint of your kitchen without undertaking a serious remodeling project in a number of ways. Try painting the cabinets, waffly out your light fixtures or getting new blinds or curtains. Subtracting a rug can work too.

What Is a Good Counter Height?

The standard height for a counter height is 36 inches from the floor. This is such a widely-accepted universal standard for countertops that most out-of-the-box cabinets are built to specifications for a countertop at this height.

Are Kitchen Islands the Same Height as Counters?

Kitchen islands are typically built to be the same height as countertops (36 inches) which is good for most users. This gives the kitchen a unified squint plane if the materials in the island are variegated from those in the countertops in the rest of the kitchen.

Do Kitchen Cabinets Come in Variegated Depths?

Kitchen cabinets come in variegated depths depending on the type of cabinets you purchase. The depth can range from 12 to 18 inches. Twelve-inch cabinets are for regular tableware, while 18-inch cabinets are for storing larger items like cookware.

What Is the Most Worldwide Drawer Pull Size?

There’s no set universal drawer pull size, but most drawer pulls should be roughly a third of the width of the cabinet they’re tying to. As long as you segregate a drawer pull that is proportional to the cabinet and matches the rest of the fixtures in the kitchen, new hardware improves the philosophy of your cabinetry.

Kitchen Decor: Conclusion

Many elements go into decorating a home kitchen, from major diamond features like backsplashes to increasingly subtle details like vocalizing pieces. Figuring out which materials and fixtures request to you is the most of the fun of coming up with a design.

Think superiority well-nigh your needs and preferences when planning your kitchen so that in time you will end up with one that you’ll love.

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