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What are Dekton Countertops? A Guide To All You Need To Know

If you are in the market for durable and gorgeous counters, consider Dekton countertops. Dekton countertops are a recent wing to countertop materials. From when it was introduced to the market in 2013 until today, they have risen in popularity.

Dekton Countertops

Part of this popularity is the sheer versatility of the product. According to Dekton’s manufacturer, Consentino, Dekton is used in a number of products vastitude countertops. These include cladding, flooring, and furniture. If you are interested in knowing increasingly well-nigh this material that is generating all this buzz, read on.

What are Dekton Countertops?

Dekton Countertops

Dekton countertops are part of a larger category that is tabbed engineered stone. Consentino describes Dekton as the “Technical Ultracompact Stone”. They take increasingly than 20 natural minerals and wield immense pressure to yoke them together. They do in a couple of hours what nature takes years to complete.

In the end, they produce a type of quartz, but a quartz that is composite with porcelain and glass. Thus, Dekton is increasingly resilient than standard quartz. Dekton is resistant to abrasions, scratches, stains, heat, and moisture. Dekton is moreover a increasingly sustainable option than other types of natural stone.

Style Options for Dekton Countertops

Style Options for Dekton Countertops

There are multiple verisimilitude and size variations for Dekton countertops to help you customize a squint that works for your kitchen design.


Dekton countertops come in 40 colors. These colors range in a natural and neutral verisimilitude palette. The verisimilitude of the Dekton countertop runs through the unshortened surface. Therefore, if you do happen to tweedle the countertops, the verisimilitude is the same unelevated the surface.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Terracotta

Surface Pattern

There are solid colors misogynist as well as marbled, granulated, metallic, industrial, and natural irregular surfaces. The patterns do not proffer through the whole slab.


There are multiple texture options misogynist for Dekton countertops. These include polished, matte, oxide, slate, leathered, and brush-hammered.

Size of Dekton Countertops

  • Thickness – They have distinctive whet profiles misogynist with several thickness options. These are 8, 12, 20, and 30 mm.
  • Width – Another wholesomeness of Dekton counters is their worthiness for seamlessness. Dekton stone comes in small sizes (71x71cm) but moreover in very large slabs (320x144cm). This allows you to create countertops and islands with little to no seams for a cleaner look.

The Sustainability of Dekton Stone

The Sustainability of Dekton Stone

For those people focused on sustainable architecture, Dekton countertops are an platonic option. Dekton by Cosentino is the “only Cradle-to-Grave Stat Neutral surface on the market.”

In order to do this, they summate and verify their stat footprint with a third party organization. Next, they reduce the environmental impact of their production by using 100% renewable energy. Then, they offset the emission of the product for its unshortened life cycle.

Cost of Dekton Countertops

The price of Dekton countertops reflects the quality of this stone surface. In other words, it is not cheap. The price of Dekton stone is increasingly comparable to granite than it is to laminate. The price has a wide range, anywhere from $55-$115 per square foot installed.

The manufacturers, suppliers, and installers based the price on a multitude of factors. These include the popularity of a particular Dekton stone, the slab thickness, the seams, the number of holes cut, and the value of subversiveness you need surpassing you install Dekton countertops.

Dekton Countertops: Pros and Cons

Dekton countertops have wondrous qualities, but like everything else, it is not perfect. Consider the qualities of this stone to see if it might be right for you.


  • Durable – Dekton is a durable combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass. It is stain and moisture-resistant. It is moreover resistant to scratches and scrapes so worldwide in rented kitchens.
  • Fireproof and Heat Resistant – You can place humid pots or scalding dishes on Dekton without fear of leaving a mark. Dekton is moreover a fire-proof material.
  • Large Slabs – Dekton is misogynist in large slabs which make a kitchen countertop without seams a largest possibility.
  • Aesthetic – Dekton has the gorgeous squint of natural stone without the upper maintenance concerns.
  • Wide Using – Because Dekton is moisture and stain resistant, it is platonic for both indoor and outdoor kitchen applications.
  • Easy Maintenance – Dekton countertops are easy to maintain. You just wipe them with soap and water. No sealing is overly necessary.
  • Sustainable Choice – Dekton stone is the only 100% stat neutral countertop on the market today.


  • Cost – Dekton stone is not an inexpensive option compared to laminate or plane standard low-tier quartz. It is increasingly comparable to granite in terms of price for material and installation.
  • Limited Availability in the US – Cosentino, a visitor in Spain, produces the Dekton material. You can find Dekton countertops at Home Depot and Lowes, but there is limited availability.
  • Pattern Diamond Not Throughout – The pattern on the top of the stone, unlike the color, does not run through the unshortened thickness of the slab. Therefore, if you nick the stone, this will be increasingly visible.
  • Cracking – Dekton is dumbo and heavy. This ways that it does not have a wholesale range of flexibility. There is a possibility that Dekton can one-liner if your cabinet wiring is not level or if the foundation is not supported.
  • Difficult to Repair – Chipping may occur on the surface of Dekton countertops if you waif a very heavy object on them. Repairs are increasingly difficult to Dekton as it is not a natural material that you can just sand.

Dekton Countertop Designs

Here are some inspiration photos that we have gathered to help you largest understand the squint and style of Dekton Countertops

Dekton Natura

Dekton Natura

This kitchen features a Natura Dekton countertop. This is in the Stonika XGloss Collection. The preliminaries is a linty white with a hint of gray marble. This island countertop is wide and long. It features few seams considering of the large slab size of Dekton.

Dekton Laurent

Dekton Laurent

Because Dekton is so water resistant, it is platonic for washroom countertop applications. This washroom features countertops and a tub surround from Laurent Dekton. The Laurent comes from the Natural Collection.

Dekton Trilium

Dekton Trilium

For those with increasingly texture in mind, there is Trilium. Trilium is part of Cosentino’s Industrial Collection. It has gorgeous tan, gray, and visionless brown tones composite together. It creates some movement in this minimalist style kitchen.

Dekton Aura

Dekton Aura

Dekton works well for outdoor kitchens as it is a durable stone that does not need to be sealed versus the elements. Dekton Aura is a linty white with warm gray marbling. It gives a refined squint to this outdoor space.

Dekton Khalo

Dekton Khalo

Dekton Khalo is a mixture of natural colors including a preliminaries of surf with black, gold, gray, and brown. This sleek kitchen diamond is the perfect using for Khalo countertops as the unique pattern shines within the simple space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How does Dekton vs quartz compare?

Dekton and quartz are similar in style and look, but they are moreover variegated in many ways. In general, Dekton is increasingly durable than quartz. For example, Dekton is stain proof, heat-proof, UV proof, and does not chip. Quartz is liable to staining, heat marks, and discoloration from UV rays. It moreover fries increasingly often than Dekton. For all of these reasons, Dekton is increasingly expensive than quartz.

What is Dekton made of?

Dekton is a combination of increasingly than 20 natural minerals. The three largest elements are quartz, porcelain, and glass. Cosentino uses pressure to create what they undeniability this “ultra meaty stone”. This pressure is what makes these materials into the strong surface that is resistant to damage.

How does Dekton vs granite compare?

Dekton and granite have a similar look, appeal, and price. Yet, these are very variegated surfaces. Granite is a natural stone, so there is infinite variation in verisimilitude and pattern. Granite must moreover be sealed in order to requite it a protective finish. Dekton does not need to be sealed. Dekton moreover does not stain like granite does.

Where can I find Dekton countertops near me?

Dekton is misogynist from a Spanish visitor tabbed Cosentino. They have distributors in the US like Home Depot and Lowes. Also, stores that specialize in countertops will have Dekton available. There may be a increasingly limited supply at these places. This will depend on the popularity of the stone and the supply chain.

Where can I find a Dekton itemize of colors and texture options?

Look for a full list of all Dekton colors at Cosentino site. Please find it here.


Dekton is a new and trendy material for kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and cladding. It has wondrous qualities and stunning colors and patterns. There are drawbacks to using this material including the forfeit and tricky installation, but the tautness and eyeful of this material will win it many fans.

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