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Ideas For Choosing a Backsplash for White Cabinets

It’s no secret that white kitchen cabinets protract to rise in popularity as the trendy verisimilitude nomination for a number of styles. However, choosing a backsplash for white cabinets is an entirely variegated story. With so many colors, patterns and styles, selecting a backsplash can be overwhelming.

backsplash for white cabinets

If you find yourself in need of inspiration for the weightier backsplash for white cabinets, then you’re in the right place. Take a squint at these gorgeous kitchens below, you’re unseat to find one that catches your eye.

Why Segregate to Install Backsplash With White Cabinets?

Two tone kitchen cabinets

There’s many reasons to install a good backsplash in your kitchen whispered from the obvious decorative advantages. One unconfined reason is the widow value to your home.

While it can seem like a small addition, backsplash makes a huge visual impact, expressly in those realtor photos. A nice backsplash not only looks unconfined but is sure to add some worth withal the way.


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Likely one of the main reasons for installation though is the fact that backsplash can provide protection to your walls while cooking.

No need to worry well-nigh ingredients or moisture penetrating your walls, creating mold and bacteria. With the backsplash there, your walls not only stay protected but wilt super easy to clean. It’s a win-win.

Backsplash Ideas For White Cabinets

Marble for a Touch of Opulence

Marble for a Touch of Opulence
Peter Cadoux Architects

While marble technically falls under the category of stone options below, it’s just too good not to have its own spotlight.

This marble design by Peter Codoux Architects is a prime example of such a timeless choice. It not only coordinates with white cabinets, but moreover works well slantingly many styles.

The worthiness to segregate the verisimilitude and size of the marble veins makes it such a versatile option for kitchen backsplash with white cabinets.

Let’s squatter it though, it’s not your cheapest option. This can definitely be a stumbling woodcut for those whose hearts were set on this ageless style.

Luckily, there is a simple (and trendy) fix that can requite you the weightier of both world. Segregate a backsplash for the majority of your kitchen, and then use a marble slab over the cooktop area.

This trend has been popping up everywhere and is perfect for those who want the marble touch without the price tag.

A Neutral for Every Style

A Neutral for Every Style
West Trade Interiors

Pretty on Pomfret shows that while neutral might sound like a plain choice, it’s anything but that. Neutral backsplashes come in a multitude of designs meaning you can alimony your fresh verisimilitude palate without sacrificing style.

Subway and herringbone tiles have been a popular nomination as of late. They offer dimension, but often stick to neutrals which make it easy to alimony the wipe squint white cabinets are known for.

From beiges to grays, your white cabinet backsplash options are endless.

Mosaic Tiles for a Unique Design

Mosaic Tiles for a Unique Design
Exquisite Kitchen Design

Mosaic tiles may not be one of the most popular choices in backsplashes for white kitchen cabinets but it’s certainly a good one. Mosaic designs provide interesting patterns and create an wondrous focal point for those seeking something a little increasingly fun in their melt space.

Their diamond versus the zippo slate of white cabinetry is sure to make the backsplash a statement piece in your kitchen, as shown in the whilom photo by Cherry Hills. Additionally, mosaics are made in an variety of materials, which make it a unconfined option for any budget.

Install Brick for a Cozy Country Feel

Install Brick for a Cozy Country Feel
Set To Sell

Whether you’re aiming for a traditional squint with red brick or farmhouse style with something increasingly white washed, you can’t go wrong with brick as a backsplash for white cabinets.

The unrelatedness in textures and colors make it a unique addition, withal with the worthiness to play with grout lines to create a increasingly wipe or rustic result depending on your style. The example from Set To Sell whilom really shows how much your grout nomination plays into the end product.

Not 100% sold on the reds and browns of the brick vibe but love the texture it brings? Grab your skim and paint it a solid white for a neutralizing effect with all the benefits of brick.

Textured Tiles for Widow Dimension and Depth

Textured Tiles for Widow Dimension and Depth
Shirley Parks Design

Not as worldwide but increasingly than impressive is the idea of using textured backsplashes for white kitchen cabinets. You might be thinking most backsplashes once towards textured in a way, but when you squint remoter into the textured tile niche you’ll come to discover a plethora of special designs set untied from the rest.

They don’t just seem to pop off the wall, many of them unquestionably do in a very 3-D way. Textured tile comes in so many shapes, sizes and colors, you can truly make your vision a tangible reality.

The picture from Shirley Parks Diamond whilom makes it easy to see how the right textured backsplash can literally jump off the wall.

Bold Colors for a Statement Piece

Bold Colors for a Statement Piece
GCDD Group

If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream and a lot increasingly edgy, unvigilant is the way to go for your backsplash with white cabinets. It’s all well-nigh the unexceptionable colors and distinctive patterns, that’s what makes a unvigilant backsplash.

There really are no rules when unvigilant is involved. Eclectic, elegant, vintage, whatever your heart desires, unvigilant patterns imbricate a multitude of styles.

GCDD Group shows us how it’s washed-up with their vibrant, quirky kitchen megacosm shown above.

Wood Backsplash for an Earthy Feel

Wood Backsplash for an Earthy Feel
Hello Kitchen

Wood backsplash can be tricky but moreover worth the uneaten effort. Real wood can be done, but is often avoided unless major efforts are taken to seal it as wood surfaces can be tastefulness grounds for yes-man and mold when exposed to moisture.

That said, the trend toward a increasingly practical volitional emerged in the form of wood squint tile. Thankfully an volitional was found, considering wood backsplash with white cabinets is most definitely a showstopper.

Classic brown tones or whitewashed for a lighter look, wood backsplash brings warmth and earthiness to the kitchen, unlike any other option. Hello Kitchen’s country living kitchen is the perfect example of wood backsplash washed-up right.

Metal for a Sleek Finish

Metal for a Sleek Finish
Cary Bernstein Architect

From steel to copper, you’ve got choices in both style and verisimilitude when it comes to metal backsplash. Its sleek visitation gives the kitchen a wipe finger while subtracting to the overall stimulating in a increasingly subtle way.

Easy to wipe and extremely durable, metal backsplashes are a simple nomination for those seeking increasingly trendy options.

Cary Bernstein Architect shows off their all stainless steel backsplash with white cabinets in the gorgeous photo above.

Stone Backsplash Makes for a Charming Undertone

Stone Backsplash Makes for a Charming Undertone
Laura Hunt Design

Much like brick, stone backsplash can add a touch of country texture that compliments a variety of styles. Its worthiness to bring an organic, natural finger allows it to tousle well with other materials traditionally used in the kitchen setting.

Stone moreover comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Whether you’re aiming for a increasingly polished squint with stacked stones or something that leans rustic with river rocks, there’s something for everyone.

Laura Hunt Diamond gives us a good idea whilom of how a stacked stone can bring a country finger to the kitchen without stuff too rustic. With so much charm, stone should definitely make the short list of backsplash for white cabinets.



Last, but certainly not least is geometric backsplash. Coupling a unvigilant geometric pattern backsplash with white cabinets is hands a winner based on unrelatedness alone.

From funky to simply fresh, you’ve got plenty of colors and geometric patterns to requite your kitchen the modern flare your heart desires. Heather Banks provides an example whilom of just how powerful a geometric pattern can be with her stunning black and white backsplash.

TIP: Are you renting right now, unable to make increasingly permanent improvements? No worries. There are several options for peel and stick wallpapers and tiles that will suit any style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the most popular backsplash?

Ceramic tiles are the most popular in terms of material used. Due to their affordability and ease of care, it’s the obvious choice. As far as very style goes, it’s nonflexible to say as that’s based on overall aesthetic. However, subway tile has without a doubt been a popular nomination as of late.

Do my backsplash and countertops need to match?

In short, no. While the wordplay to this is totally up to personal preference, the days of matching are far overdue us. Most people aim for a increasingly eclectic squint these days, so you don’t need to worry well-nigh your backsplash matching your countertops.

What verisimilitude grout should I use?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’re unsure what to choose, grab some sample tiles (netted would be easiest) from the store and a few grout choices you like. Apply the grout, let it dry and then stand it up on your countertops for a few days to decide which you’re drawn to more.

Do I unquestionably need backsplash in my kitchen?

Backsplash isn’t so much a need as it is an investment. It adds worth to your home and moreover acts as a protectant for your walls versus cooking messes and mildew. While it’s not a must, it’s a logical choice.


Backsplash has the power to transpiration the unshortened weft of your kitchen space. Fortunately, choosing a backsplash for white cabinets can be an effortless task since you’re dealing with such a neutral cabinet color.

From modern to traditional, rustic to contemporary…no matter what your style is, there’s no shortage of backsplash ideas for white kitchen cabinets. Take your kitchen to the next level and start planning your backsplash project today.

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