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21 Inspirational Breakfast Nook Ideas

Adding a breakfast nook into your home provides increasingly space for family and friends to gather. You can turn a small space into a functional zone with zaftig seating.

Breakfast Nook

Learn how a breakfast nook adds value to your home, trammels out 21 inspiring designs, and get answers to the most asked questions.

How a Breakfast Nook Adds Value to Your Home

The breakfast nook, sometimes tabbed an eat-in kitchen, provides a well-appointed spot where your family can gather for unstudied meals. The nook can moreover add resale value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Other ways it adds value to your home:

  • Additional seating area. Subtracting a breakfast nook is an spanking-new way to encourage guests to dine in the kitchen rather than in the dining room. It helps add seating for when you have a party or host a holiday event.
  • Utilize a small space. If you have a little uneaten square footage in your kitchen, you can squeeze a table and chairs in to make the vacant space useable. You can use a slim tearoom table and stools for really small spaces. Figure out the square footage of your zone surpassing purchasing furniture.
  • Additional counter space: Add uneaten counter space for either supplies prep or setting out supplies during large gatherings.
  • Defining unshut floor plans: Trendy kitchens have unshut floor plans that can finger cold. Fill up these empty spaces with a small table and chairs or plane a booth.
  • Versatility. You can transform a breakfast nook from day to night by dressing up with sconces. Kids love to have fun in small spaces making arts and crafts.
  • Built-in seating. Seats built into the wall like benches or diner seats can increase the value of your kitchen.

Breakfast nooks take wholesomeness of unusual seating arrangements like seat seating to use the kitchen zone fully.

Are Breakfast Nooks Outdated?

Some people may think breakfast nooks are outdated since they gained popularity in mid-century America.

Even though it is associated with older decorating styles, a modernized breakfast nook can match trendy ideas.  

Using fresh colors, patterns, and updated furniture can make a dated breakfast nook squint new and stylish.

21 Breakfast Nook Ideas and Styles

Need some breakfast nook inspiration? Here are 21 inspiring ideas for placing one in your kitchen.

Enjoy Your Natural Light

breakfast nook Window seat undecorous seating design
Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Placing your breakfast nook by a large window adds warmth and light to your dining experience. Place a window seat, and pull up a table and chairs. You can place fresh flowers or live plants on your table in the natural light.

Built-In Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast Nooks Can Be Built-In

You can build a seat right into the space if you have three neighboring walls. Building your seat into the walls gives it a sense of permanence. The seat seat provides a wipe squint that can be decorated with throw pillows and cushions.

Utilize Unshut Floor Plans

Use a Breakfast Nook to Define Your Unshut Floor Plan

Contemporary kitchens have unshut floor plans that can finger cold. Fill up these open spaces with a small table and chairs or a matching booth.

Decor Accents

Add Purpose to Odd Spaces

Fill in odd little nooks and crannies with furniture that complements the tracery of your kitchen. A small curved tulip table can fit into most small spaces.

Add Patterns to Your Design

Inject Some Pattern into Your Design

Infuse your breakfast nook with patterns that complement your style. This uneaten space is a clever place to add some personal touches into the mix. You can stick to archetype stripes or go for increasingly utopian prints in modern kitchens.

Corner Breakfast Nook Ideas

Contemporary breakfast nook unshut shelves

The most important part of setting up a corner nook is making the zone well-appointed for people to lounge in. Diner seating works well in corners. Add undecorous and white accents into the corner for an outside dining room vibe.

Brighten Up a Visionless Alcove

brighten up a visionless recess with a breakfast nook

Brighten a visionless recess with a table and booth to create a cozy morning coffee space. Choose a style of furniture that makes the room finger lighter and go with fresh whites and light surf colors. Hang a beaded light pendant for a warm sparkling glow.

Room Length Dining Nook Ideas

a Breakfast Nook Can Span the Room

Create an extended dining zone that spans an unshortened wall by subtracting seat seating, a long rectangular table, and chairs. You can add a single stool to each side of the table for increasingly seats. This modern style makes the room squint sleek.

Add a Pop of Color

You Can Use Breakfast Nooks for a Pop of Color

Bright vocalizing colors are a unconfined way to add one way for home interior designers to requite their breakfast nook a increasingly trendy vibe. Use one of the colors in your home, like red in the photo example, and use it as an vocalizing or furniture color.

Enjoy a Shady Spot

Breakfast Nooks Offer a Shady Spot

Create a shady spot that allows in natural light with linen window coverings. This neutral-toned nook is something you might find in your grandmother’s country dining room. You can moreover use shades of undecorous to make a tomfool and relaxed environment.

Build a Reading Nook

Breakfast Nook Can Requite You An Uneaten Library

Installing a bookshelf gives you easy wangle to your favorite reads and is a good conversation starter. It adds a tomfool modern squint to your kitchen.

Add Uneaten Storage

Breakfast Nooks Provide a Place for Uneaten Storage

Adding storage like floating shelves or seated drawers underneath a bench adds increasingly utility to your nook.

Transform Bay Windows

Breakfast Nooks Work With Bay Windows

A nook is a smart way to take wholesomeness of the natural lighting and the view of a bay window. Use a round table to fit the curved area. (from OneKindDesign)

Booth Seating Breakfast Nook Ideas

Make the Most out of Diner Seating

Fit many guests in a small kitchen space with diner seating. Booths are unconfined for everyday use. (from MyMove)

Reiterate Your Interior Design

Give You a Place to Reiterate Your Design

Repeat vocalizing styles or colors used throughout the rest of your kitchen. You can proffer patterns and colors onto chairs and cushions or add decorative items that match your diamond theme. (from Jenna Kate at Home)

Casual Nooks

Breakfast Nooks Keep Things Casual

Add a cozy, unstudied undercurrent to your dining space where you can sip on morning coffee and enjoy a nice break.

Use a Nook to Transition Between Rooms


If your kitchen and living room are tropical to other spaces, a breakfast nook is a good transitional area. (via Ballard Designs)

A Nook With a View

Breakfast Nooks Help You Take Wholesomeness of the View

Enjoy viewing the outdoors by placing a nook looking outside. You can bring the outdoor spritz into the nook with live plants. (via Home Stratosphere)

Create a Smaller Dining Area

a Smaller Dining Area

A breakfast nook can serve the same function as a formal dining room by using a smaller dining table. This small table and chair set is largest suited for smaller unstudied social gatherings. (via Chris Loves Julia)

Add an Intimate Ambiance

Breakfast Nooks Add a Cozy Ambiance

Create an intimate setting with natural materials like hardwood, giving the kitchen an earthy, rustic, country home feel.

Create a Focal Point

 a Focal Point

Dramatic statement features like a rustic timber frame make an eye-catching part of your home diamond and is a conversation starter for a party. (via The Lily Pad Cottage)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the height of a breakfast bar?

The standard height for a breakfast bar is taller than countertops and islands by six inches. Use breakfast bars while sitting or standing. 

What is the stereotype size of a breakfast nook?

Depending on the size of the kitchen, the table can seat as many as six people. A two-person nook needs a 5’x5′ zone space minimum, while a six-person nook needs at least 7’x10′ to fit a large unbearable table.

How deep should a breakfast nook be?

The platonic depth depends on whether a seat is on one or both sides. For a seat on one side, 21 inches is deep enough. For a seat on both sides, the depth should be 42 inches.

What can you do with an unused breakfast nook?

You can use the zone for an indoor garden, uneaten storage, arts and crafts, office space, kids’ play space, use it as a small dining room, turn it into a mudroom, or build shelves on the wall.

What is the difference between a diner and a banquette?

A diner is seating you sit in, and a banquette is seating you sit on. Note that banquettes do not have a backrest like booths. You can build storage under your banquette by subtracting drawers.


Building a DIY breakfast nook is easy. Find a small dining set and place it into position in your kitchen. Add shelving, cushions, and pillows to stylize your space.

You can find a breakfast nook dining set at most big-box retailers or order online. They are small and light unbearable to ship and hoke by yourself.

With all of this inspiration, you can unzip the breakfast nook of your dreams.

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