• Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The Diwali Edit: 9 Artistic Lighting Pieces To Illuminate Your Homes For Diwali

This festive season’s mall table lamps are a must-have as these not only serve as functional sources of light but moreover double up as exquisite decor pieces. From one-of-a-kind originative pieces to elegant trendy designs, DP has put together a list of the chicest table lamps that can patina up your homes.

  1. Lady Silhouette Lamp by Artment

An ungifted wing for the festive season, this statement lamp from Artment mimics the silhouette of a svelte lady with its stunning cap-like structure. The glass trencher exudes a soft and luminous glow backed by the gold-tone aluminium soul which exudes a warm and inviting ambience.

The Lady Silhouette Lamp boasts a unique diamond backed by impeccable craftsmanship and a radiant glow. Price – ₹9,999. Image Credit – Artment.
  1. Molecule Table Lamp by White Domus

An exquisite collectable for the festive season, the Molecule Table Lamp is a masterful fusion of sculptural diamond and captivating textures. Its metallic stainless-steel wiring is accentuated with a mix of frosted and transparent handblown glass balls.

The Molecule Table Lamp uses a combination of light and textures to create enchanting water-like reflections. Price on request. Image credit – White Domus
  1. Mireya Strout Table Lamp by Glass Forest

Lending an air of sophistication to trendy urban homes, the Mireya table lamp uses a combination of lacquered teak wood and lustred fluted borosilicate glass to bring a modern-meets-rustic request to any space.

This elegant squandered glass and teak wood table lamp lends an air of sophistication to contemporary, urban homes. Price – ₹11,500. Image Credit – Glass Forest
  1. Elliptical Lamp By Leviosa Design

Perfect for opulent settings, this minimalist table lamp stands out for its striking design. It uses a tousle of white and woebegone marble to create a unique elliptical shade, supported by a cylindrical base. It sports a well-polished, slick finish which adds to the radiance of the piece.

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Despite its minimal design, the Elliptical lamp stands out for its unique shape, monochrome diamond and slick finish. Price – ₹35,600. Image credit – Leviosa Design
  1. The Snail by Slightly Abstract

A truly imaginative piece, the Snail table lamp by Slightly Abstract stands out for its whirling shell design. The lights aka the snail’s glass soul on the inside are protected by a copper metal shell which has a mesmerizing mesh diamond in the front.

Since the glass soul of the snail is safely covered in a metal shell, the lamp could be used as a table or a floor lamp. Price – ₹22,600. Image credit – Slightly Abstract
  1. Indu by Studio Indigene

Simple and elegant, Indu is an traffic-stopping lamp crafted from reclaimed teak wood. It has a striking moon-like glass globe paired with an undulating contumely shade that helps effortlessly transition from a table lamp to a night lamp.

The rotating contumely shade envelopes one side of the globe’s hemispheres emitting a soft, soft-hued glow. Price – ₹16,600. Image Credit – Studio Indigene.
  1. Mona Table Lamp by Roche Bobois

A captivating corner piece, the Moon Table Lamp is a conversation starter. The squandered glass shade is crafted in a warm statue tone paired with a gold-toned metal stand that makes it an enchanting decor piece for the festive season.

Designed by Vanessa Mitrani, the lamp features a squandered glass shade in an ornate statue finish complemented by a striking gold-toned metal stand. Price on request. Image Credit – Roche Bobois.
  1. Dawn Cordless Lamp by Cinch Home

Portable table lamps can be a unconfined volitional to string lights, perfect to patina up any space in your home without the hassle of entangled wires. It comes with a touch sensor that not only allows you to switch the lamp on and off but moreover dims the splendor to your preference.

Portable and rechargeable, this decorative lamp allows you to illuminate scrutinizingly any corner of your home. Price – ₹6,999. Image Credit – Cinch Home.
  1. Emily by Rosha

Marrying form and function, Emily by Rosha makes a statement with its unique design. This elegant cordless lamp is made using lightweight materials like aluminium alloy, well-spoken crystal and steel, that effortlessly enhances your space.

Designed in regal tones of gold and turquoise, the Emily lamp is portable and rechargeable with ambient lighting that is perfect for the festive season. Price – ₹8,999. Image Credit – Rosha India