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Stylish Ways To Store Those Decorative Pillows on Your Bed at Night

Throw pillows can add a touch of coziness and style to your bedroom. However, you might finger overwhelmed considering you have nowhere to put the enormous pile of cushions. And throwing them on the floor just isn’t an option. If you aren’t ready to requite up your precious pillow collection, you’ve found the right place. We picked the weightier ideas for storing those decorative pillows at night. You’re sure to find options that fit your space.


Decorative basket

An oversized basket is platonic for stashing your decorative throws and pillows when you finger too tired to do much else with them surpassing bed. Misogynist in many variegated designs, you can segregate the right fit for your bedroom’s style and verisimilitude palette. Whether you prefer a sleek cotton basket or a textured wicker basket, there is a fit for any taste.

Oversized basket that will add style to the bedroom (from Wayfair)
Wicker baskets for storing throw pillows and other necessities (from Wayfair)

Storage bench

A sleek seat at the end of the bed isn’t only a stylish wing that makes your bedroom finger increasingly luxurious. This elegant piece has a subconscious storage compartment so that you can store your pillows at night. Simply stash them inside and enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying that your pet will get to the pillows and ruin them.

Sleek seat with subconscious storage compartment (from Wayfair)

Rustic trunk

A rustic trunk will add a dose of recreate and personality to your bedroom but moreover provides spare storage space to suit your needs. This is a perfect nomination if you are without unique and mannerly decor that serves a purpose.

Vintage trunk that doubles as storage (from Wayfair)

Bed with storage

Investing in multifunctional furniture is unchangingly a sunny idea. This sleek bed comes with user-friendly drawers under the mattress to provide zaftig storage space for your throw pillows.

Bed with integrated storage will alimony your throws tidy (from Wayfair)


A wooden ladder is an spanking-new solution for small bedrooms. The smart diamond takes wholesomeness of the vertical space available, thus, saving you precious floor space. Store your throw pillows and blankets during the night, and have them handy when you make the bed in the morning.

Use the vertical space with a wrap ladder (from Apartment Therapy)
The wooden ladder provides unbearable storage space for your throws (from Wayfair)
This wooden ladder provides unbearable storage space for your throws (from Wayfair)


A spare chair will do fine if you are left with no other options but still want to alimony your precious cocoon collection. Stack your throw pillows on a chair instead of tossing them on the floor.

Use a spare chair for storing throws (from Cotton and Flax)

Under-bed storage

If the space under your bed is free, add under-bed storage boxes for stashing those throws. The boxes will stay out of sight, thus, leaving your bedroom looking tidy and neat. This clever diamond comes with wheels for convenience and easy access.

Underbed storage with wheels for convenience (from Wayfair)
Underbed storage (from Wayfair)

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