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Relaxing Escape: Ideal Window Seats for the Bedroom

Few features in our home match the recreate and idyllic eyeful of a gorgeous window seat that offers a wonderful glimpse of the world outside. Whether it’s on hot and lazy summer evenings with greenery all virtually or on cold, winter days where white takes over the landscape and you are left cuddling under your favorite blanket, window seats are a perfect place to escape the unvarying rush of your life. They offer a safe, private refuge of sorts, one that allows you to whittle out your own little niche that feels unique and secure. And taking this sense of coziness and repletion to a whole new level is the bedroom window seat.

Create a soupcon of space for the small bedroom window seat this year! [From: Evolve Residential]

A window seat in the bedroom was one of the increasingly popular features in 2021 that is pegged to be plane increasingly trending in the months ahead. Cushioned windows seats in the bedroom work their magic by completely transforming that forgotten little corner into a relaxing setting while moreover providing spare storage space. They can hands fit into bedrooms of any style and you can use the seat cushions to introduce spare patterns, new vocalizing colors or plane to modernize the overall philosophy of the existing verisimilitude palette. From the tiny to the luxurious, here are some of the best bedroom window seat ideas –

A Multi-Tasking Space Saver

A window seat in the bedroom is much increasingly than a “comfort addition” that adds to your seating options in the room. It can hands double as a unconfined storage space with seated and custom window seats that come with easy-to-use cabinets. These wooden benches with smart cushioned seats can hold everything from an spare trundle bed to your uneaten blankets, pillows and plane toys in the kids’ room. You need not worry well-nigh wasting spare square footage as often, the window seat sits in a little niche that would have otherwise gone wasted.

Modern Mediterranean style bedroom with a cozy window seat and storage that matches cabinets next to it [From: Houzz]
Small bedroom window seat is just perfect for the trendy home [From: Houzz]
Turn the odd corner or forgotten niche in the bedroom into a mythological and space-savvy window seat [From: Archer & Buchanan Architecture]
Bookshelves on either side of the window seat make it a unconfined little space for bibliophiles
Bookshelves on either side of the window seat make it a unconfined little space for bibliophiles [From: Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects]

Cozy and Contemplative

The perfect window seat in the bedroom takes you yonder from your daily rush and transports you into a world where you can find both solitude and solace. There might not unchangingly be a whole lot of space to utilize here, but plane the smallest of seats can be turned into a trappy sofa that lets you reservation up on your daily dose of entertainment without having to step when into the living room. Combine the window seat with the right drapes that alimony out uncontrived sunlight, a small shelf to hold your books and gadgets and possibly plane a recessed light or two to enjoy its repletion wideness seasons!

Finding the right window seat depends on the style and size of your bedroom [From: Final Stage Designs]
Lovely modern bedroom with grasscloth walls in yellow withal with a window seat in matching hue [From: Wendi Young Design]
Unique window diamond makes this bedroom window seat uneaten special [From: Centered by Design]
Drapes for the window seat make it an plane increasingly dreamy and reclusive setting [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]

Framing the View Perfectly

The biggest perk of having a window seat in the bedroom, obviously, is the view outside that you can take in without having to unflinching the elements. With most homeowners planning for bedrooms that make the most of picturesque scenery outside, it makes plenty of sense to add a window seat that takes you closer to this view. The style of the window and the size of the room will determine the final form of the cushioned seat as you spend some quality time irreflective in here.

Minimal seat for the window seat is for those who do not need spare storage [From: Schwartz and Architecture]
Your custom bedroom window seat need not span the unshortened length of the window every time! [From: Houzz]
Gorgeous bedroom window seat perfectly frames the wondrous mountain and water views in the loftiness [From: Mahoney Architects & Interiors]

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