Which Bathroom Features Sell Your Home?

We asked homeowners about the features and colours they look for when purchasing a house, as well as how often they would update their own bathrooms.

Remarkably, some people will pay upwards of £29,000 more for a home with a modern bathroom (5%).

For the homeowners in our poll, the most valued bathroom feature was a separate standing shower; where nearly half (46%) said it is one of the features they look for when buying a new home.

Furthermore, combined shower baths were valued slightly more (24%) than a freestanding bath (23%), and 17% believe that having a wet room is a standout feature they look for.

More than a third (37%) state that tiled flooring is the second most valuable asset they look for in a bathroom with 21% saying that underfloor heating is also important, followed by a heated towel rail (36%).

When asked if they would pay more for a home with a modern bathroom, 80% said they would.

Of those polled, 17% would pay between £10,000 – £19,999 more, and 8% would pay up to £40,000 more.

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