How To Measure For A Bathroom Suite

It’s certainly advisable to sketch out an outline of your complete bathroom area before starting to record measurements.

In doing so, you provide yourself with a reference point for each and every part of the room – extremely useful if you run into any complications, or even if you’re just second-guessing yourself.

You don’t need to be any kind of Picasso, a basic drawing is fine. Just be sure to include doors and windows in the picture – and make a note of whether they swing outward or inward.

Judging from countless customer feedback, and in particular, a blue-air filled personal experience, that last point is more important than you might imagine!

There’s no real way to avoid a full-scale bathroom renovation setting you back a significant chunk of cash, so it goes without saying you’ll want perfect results. And in order to achieve the most accurate measurements possible before sourcing the perfect shower bath or walk in shower, vanity unit, freestanding baths or any other fixture, you should measure in millimetres.

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