What To Look For When Buying A Property

Not far behind, another key thing people should look out for is damp – which is different to mould – and which 62% of people don’t check for.

This is fairly similar to mould – in the way it can be spotted easier than most problems – but can end up being a sign that something is leaking or not functioning properly.

With the majority failing (76%) to check the water pressure of the house, Andrew states that this can be the most important check for a bathroom as it often proves to be difficult to improve in a home, causing big problems in the long run.

Just under three quarters aren’t making checks for ventilation (71%) which Andrew says is vital, ensuring any windows offer strong enough protection and don’t allow draughts.

If the bathroom does not have a window, check for an extractor fan and if it is visible externally and not venting into a void somewhere in the building.

Less than one in ten (7%) check if all the wet areas are sealed and tanked which can cause water problems in the future, as well as leading to other issues like damp and mould.

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